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  To ensure privacy, access to MU Online is restricted to members of the Millikin Community only. Unauthorized access to MU Online is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. A userid and PIN is required to access MU Online.

InformationPlease enter your user Identification Number (ID) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). When finished, click Login.

When you are finished, please Exit and close your browser to protect your privacy.

ID Numbers can be anywhere from 3 to 8 digits in length.

Please be sure to add the appropriate numbers of zeros to the left of your ID to obtain an 8 digit ID number. For example, your ID could be 00111112.

First time users: Your PIN has been randomly generated. Please enter your ID Number and click "Forgot Pin?" Upon login, you will be prompted to change your initial randomly generated password to a password of your choice.

If you forget your pin you can now reset it online. Enter your ID Number and click "Forgot Pin?"

You can also have your PIN reset by contacting the following: Students: Information Technology - 217.362.6488, Alumni: Alumni & Development Office - 877.568.2586, Employees: Information Technology - 217.362.6488


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