MUOnline- How to Login


All you need to begin accessing this information is your ID number, a pin, and an Internet connection.

Your pin has been preset to a six-digit number based on your birthday in the following format DDMMYY. For example, if your birthday were January 3rd, 1975 your pin would be 030175. It is your responsibility to keep your pin a secret.

You can also have your PIN reset by contacting the following: Students: Registrars Office - 217.424.6217, Alumni: Alumni & Development Office - 877.568.2586, Employees: Information Technology - 217.362.6488

To start using Millikin Online, click on "Login to Secure Area."

Millikin Online is NOT available Tuesday - Saturday from 2:00am to 6:00am for system maintenance and backup.

Questions about Millikin Online can be e-Mailed to